2/1/16: Key Safety Tips for Jan/Feb

There are two key safety messages from Tulsa Partners for Jan/Feb. concerning safe rooms and flood areas during tornadoes. 

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1/27/16: Top of the Town is now on Twitter!

Exciting news! Top of the Town now has its own Twitter account! Now you can get all the latest information on our event from Twitter or Facebook! See who our sponsors are, which businesses are participating, the latest in ticket sales, etc. Search TOTTulsa to follow us there or click here.

1/11/16: Winter Coats in Car Seats

Car seat alert: Could a winter coat endanger your child?  See this video from a Today show segment showing crash test consequences.

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12/21/15: US Census posts article about child care

The United States Census Bureau wrote an article highlighting new census data about child care.  

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12/1/15: Great Article on Early Childhood Education

Oklahoma Policy Institute posted a great article that advocates for Early Childhood Education from someone who had worked in law enforcement for over 40 years.

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10/14/15: Channel 8 Story on Child Care Costs

CCRC’s Director, Karen Smith was interviewed by Channel 8 about the cost of child care.

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9/2/15: Proposed Tax Credit for Child Care

The Center for American Progress proposes a High-Quality Child Care Tax Credit available to help low-income and middle-class families afford child care.

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8/28/15: Influenza Control and Prevention Handout

With National Preparedness Month coming up in September, there is such an importance of preparing in advance for seasonal influenza and potential outbreaks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have collaborated to produce a new influenza prevention and control handout. This handout includes information on the symptoms of influenza, how influenza is spread, the benefits of the influenza vaccine, and much more. Please encourage Head Start and other early education and child care providers to review this handout and take steps to prepare for the upcoming flu season.

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6/10/15: Channel 8 story with Karen Smith

CCRC’s director, Karen Smith highlighted Child Care Resource Center and Top of the Town on Channel 8 today. She’s getting to be a pro at this TV thing.

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6/8/15: Channel 6 Top of the Town story with Heather Hope-Hernandez

This year’s chair for Top of the Town, Heather, did a great job promoting Top of the Town and the Child Care Resource Center during her Channel 6 interview this morning. Please note that the times for Top of the Town are 6:00p-10:00p, not 6:30-10:30 like it lists in the news story.

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