11/15/13: New Policy for CCRC Trainings

i Nov 15th

Effective January 1, 2014 the following will apply when enrolling for CCRC sponsored free trainings:

  1. CCRC will enroll participants ONLY 30 days in advance.
  2. Each participant will be required to enroll ONLY themselves.
  3. Training enrollment will close 24 hours prior to the training event.
  4. Participants may not sign-up on the day of the training.
  5. Drop-ins will not be accepted at trainings.
  6. Participants must call CCRC immediately to cancel if unable to attend the training.
  7. If less than ten people enroll for a training, the class may be cancelled.
  8. If a participant cannot attend AND does not call CCRC (918-834-2273) to cancel (“no-show”), the participant will be put on a waiting list the next time they enroll for a training.
  9.  If the training is not full, CCRC will contact those on the waiting list to provide them the option to attend.
  10. Anyone that enrolls and are a “no-show” for three trainings in one year, will not be able to enroll in any free CCRC sponsored trainings for six months.