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Tulsa-based Child Care Resource Center, a program of the Community Service Council (a United Way partner agency), was recently awarded the Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies as Resilience Hubs grant. The training program is designed to strengthen emergency preparedness efforts geared toward children, parents, and child care providers while also enhancing coordination with first responders and disaster response organizations.

According to a recent study, 65 percent of American households do not have adequate plans for a disaster or have no plans at all. This statistic is troubling as Oklahoma has frequent weather-related disasters annually. According to the National Weather Service, from January 1, 2016 to July, there have been 57 tornadoes reported in Oklahoma, with eight being an EF2 or higher.

“Events like our recent earthquake highlight the need to ensure child care programs are prepared. Over the past three years, earthquakes occurrences with a Richter scale magnitude of 3 or higher have increased from 109 in 2013 to 907 in 2015,” said Karen Smith, Director of Child Care Resource Center. “This new program will address gaps in preparedness planning and also provide child care providers with formalized emergency preparedness training. Oklahoma child care licensing standards require 12-30 hours of professional development annually for all child care staff.”