2015 IITC

Thank you to everyone that was a part of the 4th International Infant and Toddler Conference! It is hard to believe that it is over and we hope you had a wonderful experience and have a great deal of new information to take home with you wherever that may be! Please fill out the surveys that you have received via email so that we can plan for the future. We look forward to seeing you in Tulsa in 2017!
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Conference Info: 

The theme for this conference is “Creating the Foundation for a Global Future”.  Wonderful presenters are being scheduled to enhance your knowledge on various infant and toddler topics!  Our keynote presenters were:
Dr. Diane Levin     Diane E. Levin, Ph.D.  
Dr. Terrie Rose    Dr. Terrie Rose
Dr. Tamar Jacobson       Dr. Tamar Jacobson

                                                          Click here for Dr. Jacobson’s books

Dr. Gordon Neufeld      Dr. Gordon Neufeld
angela-fraley      Angela Fraley
4/9- Levin and Rose
4/10- Neufeld and Jacobson
4/11- Fraley
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