The Child Care Resource Center is a non-profit agency.  We welcome any donations, big or small.  Your time is also a fantastic donation as we are always in need of volunteers.  We sponsor many events and conferences that would not be possible without the help of the many volunteers that come to our aid.  Please consider making a financial donation or donating your time to the Child Care Resource Center.

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  • $5 will purchase a book for a child who does not have books of their own
  • $15 will purchase a puzzle, learning materials, or a hard cover classroom book for an early childhood program
  • $25 will provide a scholarship for a CCRC Membership
  • $50 will purchase updated materials (toys) for our resource library
  • $200 will purchase a crib for an infant classroom to replace unsafe pack and plays or materials to build a sandbox for a family child care home providers
  • $300  will purchase a complete Sprouts follow-up evaluation for one child.
  • $500-$10,000 is a sponsorship for Top of the Town